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Product Review: House of Autry Pork Breader

While I don’t intend for product reviews to become a significant percentage of the posts here, I purchased this on a whim yesterday and thought it deserved a bit of praise. Though I’d been food shopping on Saturday, I forgot to get laundry detergent, so I had to stop by the supermarket again.  I had […]

Honored and Proud

I’ve been riding a wave of joy this week. On Tuesday night, I received the “Webelo Den Leader of the Year” award from my local Cub Scout District. It was an unexpected honor, and came at a time when I was feeling a little down about how I’d been doing as a Den Leader. In […]


Pinewood Derby Video

Had a great time at the Pinewood Derby last weekend.  While my son’s car wasn’t the fastest, he did win 2nd place in the Webelos division. I’m always impressed by the ideas the Scouts come up with for their car design, though we’re a small pack, there was a good range of interesting and fun […]

As promised: Corn Dog Casserole

Silly Recipes

If you’re reading this blog regularly, or at least visiting regularly and noticing that I’ve posted more pictures than blog entries lately, I want to warn you to keep your eyes out for some silly recipes in the future. Perhaps I shouldn’t call them silly recipes, the recipes themselves are for dishes I have cooked […]