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Lego Lamp: Paul John Builds #4

Lego Filled Lamp

One of the lamps I assembled last year.

For my newest YouTube video I built a lamp from wood and Lego bricks. Perhaps it is just my love of all things Lego, but I think it is one of the neatest things I’ve made, and a project I’ve been thinking about for almost a year.

Last year I made two simple Lego lamps I wouldn’t classify as building. I purchased glass lamps from Target and filled them with a jumble of Lego bricks. Ever since making that, I’ve been thinking of making a lamp that actually used a body assembled from Lego bricks.


My new Lego lamp creation with wooden base.

I’ve seen a number of makers on YouTube making lights using LED strips, and I considered doing something similar for this project, but many of those systems require soldering, and programmable controllers. While I would like to learn to use these types of systems, I didn’t want to put out quite that much money for this project, so instead of using LEDs that might be able to change colors I decided to rely on some translucent bricks to provide the color.

Wooden Base Lego Lamp

Here is the lamp with the light on.

I purchased a lamp cord for my light socket, ordered the Lego bricks from a store on Bricklink.com, and used some old wood that’s been sitting under a shelter here on the farm for a number of years and built a lamp.

This lamp won’t work as a reading lamp, it is more of a mood type lighting. The translucent green Lego bricks throwing off an eerie light that is exceptionally bright.

Take a look at the video below, and don’t be surprised if I’m making another Lego lamp next year, if not sooner.




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