April 2013

I is for I Won!

Some days the topics just pops up all by itself! (Apologies in advance for all the !!!s today.) I received an email a couple weeks ago that read simply “Congrats you won a complete set of Guild  DVDs from Geek & Sundry’s Arcade arms giveaway” and asked for my address information so they could send me my […]

H is for Home

Short one tonight: It doesn’t matter if the house is neat, if the yard is mowed, or if there are dirty dishes in the sink. There really is no place like home. Safe travels, Paul  

G is for Gardening

This may count as part two of yesterday’s F is for Forestry post. As part of getting outside more and touching nature I’m going to start gardening. Not sure if I mentioned it, but I technically live on a farm. There are about 70 acres, and the family leases the land out to a local […]

F is for Forestry

Perhaps forestry is an exaggeration, but I’m trying to encourage certain trees in the area behind my back yard to grow by getting thinning the woods around them. The property our house is on, and the area around us was once filled with taller trees, but many of them got blown over during a hurricane […]

E is for Elizabeth

For those who don’t know, Elizabeth is my wife. Long ago she knocked some sense into me (as described yesterday in D is for Driving) and I haven’t looked back. We met on a blind date, arranged by another couple. Apparently I did not talk very much that night, and my friend who arranged the […]

D is for Driving

If my wife and I are driving somewhere together, I almost always drive. About the only time I don’t drive is if my wife is picking me up from someplace, or if I am sick. It may go back to the day I met my wife. It was a blind date, and she was driving. […]

C is for Cake

This is one of my favorite, and very simple cakes. My wife usually makes it for me on my birthday and other special occasions. I hesitate to call this a recipe since it is made from a packaged cake mix and 2 cans of store-bought frosting. Make the cake mix per normal directions in a […]

B is for Blogs

In addition to giving me a framework for regular blog posts, the A to Z Blogging Challenge gives me a chance to explore some blogs I haven’t read before. Though I’ll be doing some more exploring, these 5 blogs jumped out immediately as I read through the list. 1) ROFL Initiative: An RPG blog that […]

A is for April

Isn’t it nice of the challenge to toss up a nice softball to open the challenge?  Good thing the A to Z challenge doesn’t happen in October or November. I haven’t been posting, but hope that maybe a month of near daily posting will nudge me to start posting a little more regularly. In addition […]