Dungeons and Dragons

K is for Kickstarter

In case you haven’t heard, Kickstarter is a web site that allows someone to propose a project, set a funding goal for the project and ask for backers.  If the project reaches its funding goal, the money is collected, and the project moves forward.  If the goal is not reached, no one pays anything and […]

Silly Recipes

If you’re reading this blog regularly, or at least visiting regularly and noticing that I’ve posted more pictures than blog entries lately, I want to warn you to keep your eyes out for some silly recipes in the future. Perhaps I shouldn’t call them silly recipes, the recipes themselves are for dishes I have cooked […]

Dungeons and Dragons 5E/Next

Early last week, Wizards of the Coast officially announced they were working on the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons.  Like many, the news got me very excited, though I don’t play as much as I did in 2E and 3E days, I still love the game. Seems like the Internet had been filled with […]